Bill Corbin - Idea Guy

Case Studies

Value Story: Update
Emotional Appeal


The ISU Insurance Agency Network had aggregate premiums over $2 billion, but the value story was not articulating the benefits that resonated with today's independent agency owners.   MORE

Value Story: Change to
Recipient Focus


The Wings Etc. prospecting story was typical of the franchise industry, focused on the strength of the franchisor rather than the goals, dreams and fears of the prospective franchisee.    MORE

Value Story: Lead Quality Boost


The Bentcil Company's introduction of a new product line led to a CEO level re-evaluation of marketing strategy.  We dramatically altered the approach, seeking quality leads vs. quantity.  The new description: Motivated Explorers.    MORE

Persuasive Writing: Ideas and Causes


For over 30 years, the Corbin brand of persuasive wordcrafting has helped clients make sales, secure buy-in or change minds. This case served a non-profit organization.      MORE

Versatility, Playing in Writing's Big League


 Some called me Rocky after this opportunity to bring savvy and wordcrafting to a community referendum. This case demonstrates  wordcrafting, versatility and competitive talent.     MORE

Staff Assistant, C-Level General Motors Executive


This life-changing role allowed me to understand  the pressure-to-perform that CEOs face. Early on, my role was to help Mr. Anderson better focus the precious resources of time and energy. Eventually I played more important roles including wordcrafting, idea vetting and major project coordination.  He credited me for helping him land a dream job in another city, and he took me with him!