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Misguided Value Story -- The Major Flaw of Quantity vs. Quality Leads

In the world of tradeshows and events, the flaw is clear with minimal analysis. If the exhibitor simply seeks to maximize booth traffic -- giveaways, attractive booth personnel, etc. -- the result is a glut of traffic that has no specific interest in the exhibitor's offering. Worse, the glut makes it difficult to identify and interact with solid leads.  It gets worse....

Follow-Up Efforts are Futile

Since lead nurture is a requirement of advancing the "buyer's journey," effective follow-up is a critical element of the sales process. Most casual leads don't even remember the initial contact much less seek specific information. 

The photo < depicts development of "Memory of Value" -- reinforcing the initial lead generation step with factual and emotional content that builds perception of value in the prospect's mind. 

Identifying Motivated Explorers is the Goal

In the event world, the requirement is well constructed opening dialog that quickly determines the visitor's purpose. If that purpose is to actively explore the exhibitor's actual value story, we have a legitimate lead, and Memory of Value follow-up is possible.

Helping You Analyze and Execute

Our work with Bentcil was actually trend-setting in the industry. The same basic logic applies to any form of lead generation, for example inbound B2B marketing based on responding to content that may or may not reflect your true value story.

We work together to determine how to identify quality leads, then how to actively nurture those leads through the buyer journey.