Bill Corbin - Idea Guy

Easy Beginning - Flexible Future


1. Suspend Your disbelief!

Admittedly it seems unlikely that a grizzled old veteran can help you energize important initiatives, but I have never failed to produce. The challenges we'll tackle involve fundamentals that I understand. Communication skill is high-level, honed for a lifetime. The fruit is hanging lower than you think. 

2. Your kind of working partnership

Our goal is to help your vision and ideas come to life. I don't pretend to have the wisdom to bring whole new ideas. I do bring a combination of energy, focus and new angles that combine with your goals and savvy to lead to results. We will also include other team members -- internal and external -- at your direction. .

3. A low-key exploratory meeting

Personal compatibility is important, of course. Our initial discussion can explore fit as well as high-potential priority subjects.  I will have done initial research but will listen more than speak. First-impression thoughts provided if requested. 

4. Gradual Engagement, Budget Friendly

We will tailor our working arrangement, but this pattern has been typical:

Initial research and session: n/c

First project research/recommendations:  $500-$2500

Initial monthly retainer:  $2500-$10000  (3 month minimum)

Ongoing retainer: negotiated