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    There is a stunningly straightforward reason to actively shape your company's culture -- If you don't someone else will. 

    The first step is articulating the goals, often one or more of these qualities of a positive culture: 

  • Company-wide commitment to an excellent customer experience; 
  • Commitment to excellence in individual performance; 
  • Focus on teamwork and cooperation; 
  • Emphasis on morale building vs. tearing down; 
  • Commitment to industry leadership/competitive superiority. 

     Step two is consistent effective reinforcement of cultural objectives and expectations:  Telling the story; emphasizing the vital importance; recognizing progress and success; calling out failures to measure up. 

    We will partner in planning and execution the communication programs that articulate, introduce and reinforce.

About the Downloadable Demo Handbook

New employee arrival is an important opportunity to begin the discussion about culture and expectations. My downloadable (click the cover <) demo handbook shows Corbin wordcrafting in action, ready to be adapted to your company and the culture you are seeking to shape.


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