Bill Corbin - Idea Guy

Best Possible Time to FOCUS on Change!

For an Improvement-Focused Leader a 2020 Theme is a Slam Dunk

It's a new decade. The pun value is terrific. Fresh starts or renewed momentum are universally appealing ideas. And you are demonstrating vision and leadership. 

Best of all, we are starting in time to have the wheels ready to turn swiftly and decisively. Too often the new year is upon us while still focusing on last year-end.

We decide on a theme such as  Action2020, Progress2020, Vision2020... announcing determined focus on improvement. I will help you achieve buy-in, communicate details, and maintain momentum. 

And we can tackle challenges large or small or both.

  • Shaping the corporate culture
  • Fine--tuning the value story
  • Improving marketing/sales coordination and selling effectiveness

And the overall effect elevates your personal brand. 


Act Now!

In this case, act now isn't an artificial motivator, the earlier the plan, the more effective the build-up and execution.