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New Revenue Power for Your Corporate Value Story

    If you believe that your company's strengths are not reflected in your marketplace results, there is an excellent chance that your value story is not being well told. As CEO, you must engage. 

   - Talented marketers can be focused on the wrong benefits.

   - Effective sales people may not have the tools to defeat competitors.

   - Or sales and marketing can be out-of-sync -- inefficiency that wastes resources while yielding competitive advantage. 

    I can join your team temporarily to analyze, deliver objective truth and help launch the steps that lead to improved marketplace impact  and improved internal efficiency.

    Read about my role in a billion dollar improvement.

    Read a classic case study of value story improvement.

          Let's talk, potentially a game-changing few minutes


Shaping a Positive Corporate Culture

     Detailed studies have confirmed direct and dramatic correlation between financial results and a positive corporate culture -- that invisible force that defines individual and group expectations about behavior, worth ethic, teamwork, commitment to excellence and customer experience. 

   The flip side of a positive corporate culture is the poison that leads to morale issues, inefficiency and turnover. 

   Defining and shaping culture requires direct involvement of senior leadership  (although HR can actively participate in implementation).

   It is closely linked to a well-defined corporate value story that employees understand and bring to life internally and in the marketplace.       MORE


CEO Personal Leadership Communication

    Two categories of communication can be swiftly improved, combining your savvy and experience with my wordcrafting:

  • Infrastructure:  Regular communication to internal and external constituencies -- to inform, engage, achieve buy-in, maintain momentum and express appreciation.  We will partner to set-up and execute periodic communication, using simple, compact, low-cost communication vehicles. 

  • Motivation: Your communication that aims at influencing attitudes, changing minds and motivating action.  Vehicles can be speeches, formal or informal event presentations, physical documents or online posts.

Our shared goal will be outstanding leadership communication, judged by any standard, as part of your effectiveness and enhancement of your personal brand.        MORE w/Samples


Marketing / Sales / Process in Sync

     The inherent conflict between sales and marketing is much discussed and little resolved for many companies.  As CEO, it is tempting to simply say, "work it out." 

     The reality is lurking danger that can be a major roadblock to progress, and it must be resolved cooperatively with input from the top;  examples:

  • Lead Quality: it is common for the marketing department to define success as delivery of large number of leads that sales views as poor quality.
  • Sales Team Messaging: It is common that corporate value story as told by marketing is not consistent with the value story being told in the sales process. Both may be out-of-sync with the CEO's view of mission and value.
  • Serious Gaps in Messaging Quality: It is common that sales people are simply not equipped to deliver quality presentations or quality follow-up. These gaps lead directly to lost sales.

It is remarkably common that these WEAKNESSES CONTINUE, YEAR AFTER YEAR, as if inevitable. The odds are high that we can work together -- in cooperation with your sales/marketing teams to analyze and vastly improve this process. 

A small project such as a focused analysis is a great way to judge my capability and compatibility.