Bill Corbin - Idea Guy

Corbin Credentials

CEO Savvy


    Versatile education: Harvard MBA, engineering undergrad. Veteran CEO: 15 start-ups, two acquired by publicly held companies. Carmel Publishing by Thomson-Reuters; Unified Neighbors > Angie's List by Home Advisor. 

    Have actively shaped culture as a management technique.

    Veteran consultant to CEOs, strategically, tactically and as sounding board for ideas and decisions.

   Staff assistant, communication liaison at C-Level in General Motors. 

Persuasive Communicator


    Persuasive communication is partly fundamental skill and partly creative ability to tell your story in ways that blend facts and emotion to change minds, achieve buy-in, inspire action and maintain momentum.

    Persuasive communication is fundamental to the big-three initiatives: Corporate Value Story, Shaping Culture and improving CEO personal leadership communication. 


Ready to Partner in Your Success


    Career stage is ideal for this gig. Long-term race is run. Entrepreneurial ventures are sold. Plenty of energy and horsepower. A sincere desire to assist in the success of others. A sounding board for ideas or proposed problem resolutions. And a guaranteed positive impact on your team and culture.

    Nutshell: You define important areas of improvement. I help make things happen, often coordinating with other members of your team.