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 It All Begins with Your Value Story...

Our case study (link below) shows that rethinking emotional impact can lead directly to major improvement in results.

- More dynamic marketing/promotional messaging

- Improved sales presentations

- Improved sales infrastructure

      (can include email introductions and voicemail messaging)

- Improved follow-up with at-risk prospects

- Improved client relationship building: renewals/retention

Sales / Marketing

Translating your value story  into the emotional language

of the recipient, to build relationships and revenue

Working Together

- We can begin with an objective analysis of today’s sales and marketing content. There is a strong possibility that major improvement is possible by enhancing emotion-triggers.

- It is almost certain that major improvement can be made in sales process from appointment making to presentation to follow-up.

- We then select projects, likely small at the start to begin working together.

- I view myself as joining your team and will not work for your competitors


Communication Roles

Analysis: What can we be doing better?

Articulate Value Story:  Partner in energizing the core message

Dig Deep into Sales Process:  Weak PowerPoints or poor email and voicemail messages can derail relationship process.

Micro-Marketing:: Target messaging to subgroups, even individuals

Follow-Up Techniques: Memory of Value  message and infrastructure.