Political Campaigns

Translating your ideas into the emotional language of the voters

to change minds and inspire votes


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Telling Your Story in a Way that Cuts through the Noise


Working Together

We can work together if you can tell me, passionately, why individual voters will be better off if you win the election. We won’t win based on your experience, education or contribution as a citizen — they are important factors, of course; but ...

we win if individual voters FEEL that you are the choice that best meets their goals.

Potential Roles

Member of Your Strategy Team: Gift for competitive analysis

Value Storyteller: Articles, posts, ads, whitepapers, literature

Your personal communication: Speeches, prep for events

Volunteer Recruiter, Motivator: The get-out-the-vote team

“In the arena” resource: Helping adapt to the unexpected

Micro-Communicator: A pioneer in tightly focused messaging

Victory speech: No guarantee, but we’ll make a strong run at it.



A case study: savvy, versatility, capability.

Sample:  Speechwriting