The challenge: Energize recruitment of select independent insurance agencies, nationwide

Steve Pearson, President

ISU Insurance Agency Network

Bill Corbin articulated our corporate value story with a unique and creative direct mail campaign that has been highly effective in membership recruitment. We launched our campaign last year and achieved our best growth in the nearly 40 years we’ve been in business. This year we landed our largest customer ever!


ISU Insurance Agency Network, $3.2 Billion in combined premiums,

3rd Largest Insurance Industry Aggregator


Project / Media:  Initial project was a monthly direct mail campaign. Scope expanded to creation of sales literature, formal sales presentation, and trade pub advertising.

Traditional Value Story: Heavily fact-based, built around the average ROI of 550% realized by member agencies, about $50,000 in plus revenue annually.

Corbin Insight: Although the ROI story was strong, it was being presented to highly successful, highly independent agency owners who didn’t need the money and worried actively about giving up any part of their independence.

Revised Value Story Focus: The insurance industry is in dramatic change, trending toward “giantism,” that views individual independents as less-and-less important, resulting in lower commissions, sometimes cancellation of contract. The revised value story had three main elements:

    - Assurance of no loss of independence

    - Ability to operate confidently in the present

    - Ability to plan confidently for the future, whether desire to continue as an independent or to be acquired at top dollar by a larger company.

Note that these appeals are primarily emotional, replacing a value story that was primarily factual.