3 of 5 Aggressive Innovation...

The elements of this idea aren’t new.

The approach to putting them to work is new and dynamic.


Communication that is Not Persuasive Leads Directly to Leadership Pain

- Failed attempts to secure enthusiastic buy-in

    - Unmoved audiences

    - Unengaged employees

    - Lukewarm supporters

- Weak appreciation of corporate value story

    - Failed sales presentations

    - Head-to-head losses to competitors

- Poor ROI from events

- Dysfunctional culture (the most dangerous outcome strategically)




Your messaging has failed to connect emotionally with the recipient, so failed to inspire the hoped-for results.


Emotional connection requires translation of your value story into language that resonates in the mind and heart of the recipient.


High-level persuasive wordcrafting requires an unusual combination of savvy and creative writing talent.


Because it is rare, persuasive wordcrafting is a direct avenue to competitive edge as well as results.