Translating ideas into the emotional language of the recipient

to change minds and inspire action


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Partnering to Help You Build...

   Trust and Confidence

      - In Your Vision

      - In Your Leadership Effectiveness


      - To your strategic direction

      - To new initiatives: products, programs, improvements

   Teamwork Attitude

     - Commitment to Positive Morale Contribution

     - Personal and Departmental Cooperation

     - Relentless Execution of Fundamentals



Working Together

- Just as you instinctively look at challenges and opportunities and begin planning steps toward solutions, I begin planning the components of communication that will achieve buy-in and action. We can be a great team!

- We can improve existing content, but the real power may lie in communication you are not presently doing.

- Projects can be small or large, short-term of long. Small can be a good start.

- I view myself as a member of your team  and will not work for your competitors.


Communication Roles

Articulate Objectives: What are we planning to accomplish

Achieve Buy-in: Explain benefits from recipients’ viewpoint

Mobilize Action: Communicate the steps to accomplish

Facilitate Action: Inform and coordinate to assure progress

Reinforce through Time: Memory of Value and infrastructure.

Communication Vehicles:

Speeches, Presentations, Event Support, Focused Mini Newsletters/Bulletins, White Papers, Trade Articles, Blog or Social Media Posts. One-to-One Personal Relationship Building.

Levels of Project Possibilities

Articulating Corporate Mission/Value Story, Culture Shift, Support of New Initiatives, Individual Projects.


CASE STUDY Leadership

CASE STUDY Corporate Value Story