The challenge: Partner in delivery of a new superintendent’s keynote  speech to all teachers and staff.

Kathleen Corbin Superintendent

Brownsburg Community School Corp.

Bill Corbin’s speech with its metaphor (that teachers and staff talked about for years) set the tone for launching a tough uphill fight for change. Over the years we collaborated on annual speeches and introduction of new projects such as our Challenger Space Center.




CASE STUDY: Leadership

New leader assuming the controls of a

major school corporation


Leader’s Analysis:  Organization had become complacent, not oriented to changes needed for 21st Century Success. Morale was not good; general awareness of lack of direction. Leader was the first woman superintendent of a major school corporation in state history.

Leader’s Goal: Deliver a powerful message that change was critical. Use the speech as an opportunity to demonstrate leadership qualities of vision, resolve and toughness.

Corbin Contribution: A smooth 18-minute speech script in a format that could be edited by the leader to personalize. A memorable metaphor that accomplished leader’s goals.


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