Donations / Support

Translating your value story into the emotional language of the recipient  to inspire and maintain active participation


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It All Begins with Your Purpose….

- Identifying high-potential prospective supporters

- Delivering a value message that resonates emotionally

            - Content, repetition, follow-up

- Welcome, orient, appreciate new supporters

- Maintain Memory of Value contact through time. Themes:

      - “See” the ways your support is making a difference

      - Foster sense of teamwork and vital role of ongoing engagement

- Same concepts can apply to voolunteers, staff, board or other constituencies

Working Together

- Our efforts can aim at two goals, closely related: successfully raising funds and conveying your effectiveness as a leader.

- Focus on a team concept can provide greater emotional power than discussion of single donations then hoped-for future donations.

- Our working style will be collaborative, drawing on your deep knowledge of purpose and donor motivation.


Potential Communication Roles

Campaign Strategy: High-impact content; delivery

Wordcrafting: Normally project based

Development Infrastructure: Welcome, onboard

Memory of Value Contact: The key to retention.